Getting Quotes Online for Homeowners Insurance in Florida

Writing Insurance for You

When you’re hunting desperately for the perfect home insurance company, it suddenly seems like everyone has a really great ‘About Us’ page. However, didn’t anyone ever tell you that what you read online might not necessarily be true? So, how do we sort the liars from the truth-tellers? Well, you trust only those which are recommended to you by word of mouth, of course!

Now, any company with enough funds to hire a decent writer can persuade you that they are the best company writing homeowners insurance in Florida. However often, they, according to, are probably lying. But, how are you supposed to tell if they’re lying online? Well, you must check their customer reviews. However, if you do not happen to have hours of free time in which you have nothing better to do but sift through dozens of customer reviews, I have a better way. That better way is this list, which will solve every single problem. So, scroll through these trusted companies and let the good times roll.

Progressive Home Insurance– They scored five out of five in umpteen customer reviews. If you want someone safe and reliable, they’re your go-to-guys. They’ll sort you out in no time.


USAA– They’re another solid performer. They have fabulous reviews and are highly recommended.


State Farm– They offer fabulous policies for homeowners in the beautiful state of Florida. They’re highly professional as well as affordable.

State Farm Insurance

Mercury Insurance Group– They’re another company which comes very highly recommended. They don’t lie about their affordability and they offer excellent customer service. What more could you want?

Mercury Insurance Group

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation– They cater to millions of customers and serve the whole of Florida. They know exactly how much coverage Floridians need to protect their homes from various disasters. Also, they support customers whilst they are trying to rebuild their homes. They also help customers to design the perfect policy for them. They are the biggest company in Florida and some very highly recommended.

Citizens Property Insurance

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company– Although this company is smaller than the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, it has absolutely brilliant customer reviews. They offer Floridians the opportunity to make the most of life in Florida whilst they take care of the paperwork. Also, they offer customers the opportunity to manage their policies online as well as paying bills. They are professional, affordable and efficient. No business dealing with them is prolonged unnecessarily.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Royal Palm Insurance Company– This Company is part of the Tower Hill Insurance Group and provides excellent policies to thousands of homeowners across Florida. They have a lot of experience in the industry and help homeowners get the best insurance policy for their money. They are another company which offers customers the option of filing claims online and paying bills. Business with them is not business at all, merely pleasure.

Florida Specialty Insurance

Florida Family Insurance Company– This unique company provides home insurance for thousands of families living in Florida. They treat customers like a family rather than like a number and their online system makes your Florida Home Insurance Quotes at dealings quick and painless.

Florida Family Insurance